Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 days 'til the most magical day of the year!

Time for a picture post! I feel a little odd posting pictures of my daughter's gifts before she even gets to see them (hahaha) but I want to have this to look back on and remember what I got her and when. And I'm so excited that I have to share it with someone now, and while the next three weeks will fly by, I don't have the patience to hold it all in.

I tried to keep her Christmas gifts on a smaller scale than her birthday gifts, and I planned to get her three things like I did for her first Christmas last year. Well, that didn't go quite as planned, because I took my mom to a doctor's appointment this afternoon and while waiting, I went across the road to the shoppes and went into Barnes & Noble. But let me save the best for last...

This is what I gave her last year: two outfits and an ornament from the Disney store. I love Tinkerbell, so this ornament was special to me and her adoptive mom emailed me the same day they got the package and the ornament was on the tree. My heart nearly burst.

And, this is what I'm sending this year!:
This picture totally does an injustice to this jacket. It's an adorable shade of pink.

The tea pot sings when you open it, and the different shaped cakes are to help her learn her shapes!

I LOVE this hat. I wish they made one in adult-size.

Today, I got this for her adoptive big brother S:

And lastly, my favorite gift of all. I planned on getting the pea coat and white fluffy hat on Black Friday as well as the toy tea set for her. This was totally spur of the moment, and it's true that that's the way the best gifts come to you.

I'm so excited to record this book. Even if it goes in her room and isn't read to her right away, at least I'll know she has it. I think it's such an amazing book. The story inside is even better, because it doesn't give the child the impression that I'm just gone away on a trip or that I've passed away or anything dramatic like that. It just sends the message that the person who gave it to you misses you when they're far away from you, but that they aren't too sad because every day that they miss you is a day closer to seeing you again.

Do you think I should ask her birth dad if he wants to record it with me? I'm sure he would, if I asked. His "immaturity" aside, it might be nice for her to get to hear both of our voices. But then again, I'm not sure if that's more trouble than it's worth.

So, those are her gifts in a nutshell. She'll be 13 months tomorrow. Unreal. I know she'll only be just shy of 14 months on Christmas, but I hope she adores these gifts. Hopefully this year, she can do some more unwrapping on her own, unassisted. Last year, she could barely hold her head up on her own at Christmas, so this year will be so wonderful for her and her family (and me when I get my update)!


  1. I think those are perfect gifts. We have the tea set, and my 15 month old loves the tea pot. I think those recordable books are neat. The coat and hat are adorable. L's birthmom emailed me tonight and said she planned to send L gifts for Christmas. I'm eager to see what she sends.

  2. that pea coat is so so so cute! what wonderful gifts! I haven't read that book but it looks really neat, I think up to you on her birth dad, did he ever come thru on her birthday? again I say up to you.
    I haven't spoken to Benjamin's birthmom for a few months now Istill send monthly pictures but her phone number has changed again. I"m hoping she's still living in the same place because we just sent packages to her with his salt dough ornament hand and foot print and some gifts for his half brother.
    You know we have a store at the mall (don't knwo the name of it) and they do sell hats like that for adults plus a ton of other animals.

  3. April: It brought a smile to my face to know that you welcome gifts with excitement. I feel so blessed to even be able to shop for her! One of the toughest things is seeing all the pink clothes and all of the toys (now that she's 1), so knowing I can pick one or two up when I want to is so amazing.

    And Leah: He got her a card for her birthday, that's it. Could have been better, but at least he tried, I guess. Also, I'm now on a mission to find that store! Hahaha. Thank you.