Sunday, December 18, 2011

My four-legged Christmas Cards :)

The outfits . . .

I did this today, just for fun (oh, the benefits of finals being over and not having a full-time job!). Hahaha. I'm pretty happy with the way they came out, especially since I just used my Sony point-and-shoot and only lightly edited a few of them. I have a Canon eos 5d - which I'm ashamed to admit, is collecting dust as we speak - that I may take out tomorrow or the next day and try to get some sharper images. I've learned one thing, though - I could never be a pet photographer. There were some choice words strewn about my room this afternoon when this or that little thing would mange to ruin 78% of my pictures. Hahaha.

I can't help but wish that I was able to take photos of my little girl in her Christmas outfit, or even take her to Sears or Toys 'R Us and have them take professional pictures of her for me. Everyone (and I mean everyone)'s Facebook pictures consist of professional pictures of their kids sitting beside the Christmas tree or sitting in a pile of fake glittery snow. I'm trying not to let these things turn me into a holiday Grinch, but it's a fight I seem to be losing.


  1. I understand the cursing but look how cute they all look, I'm sure they don't agree.
    WHAT!!!! you have a canon 5d and you're not suing it. I love photography but can't reall afford to upgrade although I'm trying to find a way.......

  2. I know, it's an amazing camera!! My uncle gave it to me when he got a new camera last Christmas and I definitely haven't been taking advantage of it!