Saturday, April 21, 2012

Potentially Boring Post! Test Images

It's Saturday! I finally have some time to play around with my new camera that I got for my birthday. I picked it out, of course (getting older = choosing your own gifts) and I have been looking forward to playing around with it ever since Thursday. It's a Canon SX260 HS. I figured I would post a few of the test images I took using the different digital filters that came built-in. This is going to be my "point and shoot" camera that I can take with me whenever I feel like it. It's tough lugging my larger (read: more expensive, valuable, and not to be handled by a klutz on a day-to-day basis) camera around, and my other digital camera was getting a little old/outdated. I believe I got it as a Christmas gift in 2008 - it's a Sony CyberShot and I actually loved it despite the fact that I had a pretty crappy CyberShot a few years back.
These pictures are not great quality, I just took one of my Tinkerbell figurines (yes, I collect those!) and put it down on the rug in my bedroom floor and tested out the filters. If you actually look at all of the photos, you can see Lily make a brief appearance, before she's scared away by the flash.

FishEye filter

 Toy Camera filter (blue tone, you can also shoot in red and sepia)
 Soft focus
 Vivid Color
 Monochrome with color selection - pink (I'm not too happy with this one. I took one of a vase of pink, yellow, and white flowers which came out much better)
 Color Swap (green to purple)
 Normal auto focus with no effect (this one's a little blurry...not the camera's fault. My phone vibrated and scared the bejeezus out of me right when I took it)

Miniature Effect (blurs the top and bottom of the image)

Manual focus with flash

I'm really excited to play around with it some more. I know these are fairly basic features, but to an amateur who is just passionate about taking and editing photos, and someone who has always had a much more basic carry-around camera, these are really neat. I want to learn and use this camera to it's full potential!

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