Friday, August 19, 2011


I did it - I quit my job. When I write it out, it screams "easy way out!," but trust me, it wasn't. It wasn't something I necessarily wanted to do, because more idle time is the last thing I need right now. The less spare time I have to sit around and think and ponder, the better. But I didn't sleep at all last night and had a sick feeling in my stomach all morning until finally I told myself to wake up and put my mental well-being first. I called (which is the ever-so classy way to resign from a job) and got it over with. I stated the exact reasons why I wanted to leave, and managed to get my point across and still maintain a level of professionalism. I was only there for a few months, and have no need to put this job on my resume or use it as a reference. Hopefully, since I am one of the many people to recently leave stating that this woman was the cause, maybe she will start to treat people with the respect and dignity they deserve. Who knows. The biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I never have to set foot in that office again, or even drive by it ever again (it was over a half an hour drive away!)

I was feeling pretty down, though, about being "unemployed," even though I still work e/o Saturday at my old job. So, out of pure curiosity and to make myself feel a bit motivated, I sent my resume in response to two job openings I found online. Within fifteen minutes I got an email from the first one, asking me to call her. I called and got offered an interview for 1 o'clock, which was about an hour and a half after I sent the original email. JACKPOT! What are the odds? I quit one job at 11 and by 11:30 I have an interview set up for a better position, closer to home?! This brings me back to my new mantra that everything happens for a reason. I was over the moon. The interview went extremely well, and she said she has two other people to interview on Monday but she thinks I will be a perfect candidate and she will call me early next week to let me know when (if) I can start training. The hours work perfectly around my fall class schedule and the job is less than ten minutes from my house. The pay is $1.00 less than I made at the job I just resigned from, but the short travel time makes up for it...10 minutes versus 35 minutes for a dollar difference. I'll take it!

Things are slowly starting to fall into place. I've made a promise to myself that I will not use my new found free time to lay around in bed all day and be sad or what have you. I will still get up early (okay, maybe not at 5:50, but by 7:30) and go for a walk or do some form of exercise. I've never really dedicated myself to exercise, and I've heard it can really make your overall mood much much better. I don't want to sleep in until ten or eleven because then I will be restless all night, stay up tossing and turning until 2 or 3 in the morning and then sleep til eleven again the next day. I don't want to live like that anymore. So, I vow to get up early, put my time to good use, and continue pushing forward. Hopefully, by the time class starts up again, I'll be settled into this job (or a new job period) and have a daily routine going.

I want to be busy, just not overwhelmed. And mapping out my day as far as when I will go to work, when I will go for a walk, and when I will do schoolwork is something I can absolutely do...and I believe it will boost my happiness all around. And if I can't do it for me, I know I can do it for my little princess. They may seem like baby steps now, but in the long run they will pay off and help mold me into someone she can be proud of.


  1. I am SUPER proud of you!!!! No job is worth your mental well being, emotional health or sanity. At least you called. I have been in work situations where old co-workers have just never shown up ever again (and then later file for unemployment or disability!) and that puts a ton of pressure on the people that stick around because they do have to pick up the slack. You have every right to do what's right for you, it is a free world and you didn't have a contract or anything, that is part of the working world. Sometimes it's not the right fit and you don't know until you've given it a shot. I am super excited about your interview! Way to get back "on the horse". I really respect the way that you put yourself first and was realistic about if you could handle that job or not. (I know it wasn't the job it was the environment/coworker) You are now moving forward and finding other opportunities and that is to be celebrated. It's hard to continuously push forward especially after the tough year you've had! I think it was really mature of you to be honest about how that woman's behavior affected you- at least now the ball is in their court on how they can address it. Hopefully you made it better for someone else down the line. Can't wait to hear how next week goes!

  2. GOOD for you!! You don't need a crazy person like that in your life, even if it is just at a job. From the sounds of it, you aren't the only one who felt that way, either!
    I hope you get the new job and that it works out for deserve it!