Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Still Giddy

Finally! I am so happy to be able to write this post. She sent me 68 pictures....68! Not many people were happier than I was when I saw them. She included pictures from Christmas, playing in the snow, and even a couple of her bedroom, which I hadn't seen since last year. At that time, it was really just a crib, dresser, and changing table. Now it's filled with pink - pink photo frames on the walls, pink toys scattered all around the room, pink curtains and a pink canopy type thing over her crib. I wish it was my bedroom!!
I called her birthdad at 4 in the morning when I read the email, but his phone was off. Didn't pay the bill! Oddly enough, he called me around 9 anyways and left a voice mail saying he hoped everything was okay and that he hoped she had emailed since the time I last spoke to him (Thursday). I called him back on my lunch, and he sounded so truly happy. It made me feel so good, and in a way, it made me feel proud. I'm not sure of what exactly, but I just had that feeling. He said that he was excited to see the photos, but what he was most happy about was the fact that I was happy. It was a good conversation and I came to the realization that getting 'over' him completely was the step I needed to take in order for us to have a relatively normal 'relationship.' We are now able to be friends - not "friends" friends, like my other friends are to me - but friends when we need to be. I did text him today to wish him a Happy Birthday. But enough about him!!
She looks like she is about three years old. She is so tall. Oh, and I forgot - she got her first haircut last month! Her first real haircut since we cut a few pieces of her hair at the hospital for me to keep with her baby stuff. I never thought I'd get to see photos of that, so those ones mean a lot to me. She will be starting pre pre-school in the summer (who even knew that existed? I didn't, hahaha), two days a week. Apparently, she is already a social butterfly anyways. Her adoptive mom said "She smiles at you and you feel like you have been blessed by an angel.   I can’t take her anywhere without her making friends with her smiles" which brought tears to my eyes! Her smile permeates the pictures, so I can only imagine.
She made sure to include pictures of her in the hat and jacket I sent her for Christmas, as well as the Dora shirt I sent and the pink shirt and pink tutu I sent her for Valentine's Day! Honestly, it made me feel guilty for ever doubting the fact that she would hold up her end of the communication agreement. And, in the photo of her bedroom, the bear I made her at build-a-bear was sitting on a shelf with some of her toys. There aren't any words for how that made me feel! She could have posed her for the pictures in the outfits, but you can tell that the teddy bear is an everyday object in her room.
I felt like I had a lot more to say, but my attention span is at a negative level at the moment. I will surely have more to say about it soon! For now, a couple photos that I just have to share. She is her (birth) father's twin!

And lastly, my favorite:

This is her reading the card I sent her for Christmas!


  1. I want to kiss her cheeks! She is so darn precious. I am happy that you are happy! :)

  2. that is really awesome, yay for a happy place again!

  3. Oh she is gorgeous!!! I just got a huge batch of photos from my daughter's mom today too-- I've been on a high all day. Love getting the updates and seeing their family life, holidays, her growing! Your little miss is just too adorable look at those big eyes and sweet cheeks!