Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2nd...already?

Although I'm not parenting, I can officially wholeheartedly say...they do grow up way too fast. How on earth is that little peanut with a head full of jet black hair that I held in the hospital already two short months away from being one? One sounds so young, but one also sounds so old. I remember thinking on her 4 month birthday that she was growing up so fast. Then I said to myself, "how will I feel when she's 5 months? Or even 8 months? Oh well, that's so far away..." WRONG again! It's almost like she's getting further and further away from being the baby I knew. The baby I held, the idea of her when she was tangible to me.

I had wanted to be finished with my first half of college, my associates, by the time she was one, but that looks like it will have to be pushed back a little bit. If I stay on track, I should be able to be done in December, so I will have *almost* made it. If I keep at it and transfer and continue taking my classes, I can have my bachelor's right after she turns three, and depending on the career path I choose, my master's around the time she's five. When I look at it that way, she's still so young. Right now, though, I feel like she's growing up way, way, way to fast. It's exciting, in a way, to see how much she is changing from update to update. Her face is no longer a 'baby face' and she is definitely taking after her birthdad. The bottom half of her face is shaped like mine, and she has my lips, but her hair, eyes, forehead, nose, even her hands look like his.

I love her to death. She has taught me so much in her ten months of life, I can only imagine how much I will learn from her as she grows.

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