Wednesday, October 5, 2011


With all this sad news fluttering around about Steve Jobs, I came across an interesting article about him. He died so young, and my prayers go out to his family.

Amidst all of the news, I discovered a book that is now a "must-read" of mine.

"But that personal life -- he was given up at birth for adoption, had an illegitimate child, was romantically linked with movie stars -- was full of intrigue for his fan base and Apple consumers.

He had a biological sister, Mona Simpson, the author of such well-known books as 'Anywhere But Here.' But he did not meet Simpson until they were adults and he was seeking out his birth parents. Simpson later wrote a book based on their relationship. She called it 'A Regular Guy.'"
I quoted that from this article.

I'm intrigued...

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  1. I was so sad to hear he passed as well, so young. Very interesting though I didn't knkow he was adopted.
    Your birthday gift looked really special, I"m sure the whole family will love it!

    I almost didn't post Benjamin's 6 month pictures since there are so many weirdo's out there, but the chub is just so cute!