Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Did anyone watch the adoption special on MTV? I couldn't bring myself to do it. While I'm curious to see what's discussed and shown, I don't think I can take it right now. I put on my brave face and went to to attempt to watch it (and it wasn't even there) and on the way I came across one too many little chat boards with girls saying one of the following: "I've never even had a baby, and I'm crying," "I'm bawling my eyes out,  and I'm less than three minutes in," and "I feel so bad for these girls!" Not to mention all of the questions, like "can the birth mother and birth father get their baby back if they want it?" like he or she is a puppy. Like he or she is an it. And finally: all of the "how could ANYONE ever give THEIR baby away?" comments. That was about all I could take, and I just closed the window and put my laptop away for a while. I don't know what made me think I'd be able to handle the show if comments like that get under my skin so much. Maybe I'll dvr it for a rainy day that I feel like lying around all day in my pj's, eating ben & jerry's and not wearing mascara. If I plan on being an emotional mess all day, it's not so bad, right? ;) 

I may or may not have posted this before, I can't remember. But I adore this video and song and it's meaning.

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  1. I watched part of it but you are making the right choice not to watch it. It was really sad, it definitely shed a positive light on adoption situations but I don't think someone in your shoes would want to see it. Not this soon anyways.. ((hugs))