Friday, July 1, 2011


Is it really July already? Is my little girl really going to be 8 months old tomorrow? 8 months?? That's so much closer to a year than I'd like it to be. I love seeing how she's growing and changing, but seriously, where has the time gone? I think her 9 month birthday will be one of the hardest so far...because somewhere in between the nine month and the ten month birthdays is the little check point that tells me she's been with her adoptive mom and dad longer than she was with me in my belly. I feel like that will make it, to me, seem like she's all the more theirs rather than mine. Which, she is. She is both, I know this. But...still.
She's already in 18 month clothes. My big girl :) Her sneakers haven't come in the mail yet but they should get here sometime today. I got her a pair of red and blue hair clips also, with big flowers on them. I can't wait to see how adorable she looks. I know I am so blessed to get photos as frequently as I has been what's gotten me through this. I feel as if I was so crazy in the beginning, to think that I wanted no contact and no photos because it would be too hard. But now that I've had time to look back and reflect on these first few months, I see that I would be nowhere without those photos. I couldn't survive wondering what she looked like, who she looked like, how big she was, what her smile looked like... I could go on and on, you get the idea.
I don't really have much to say so far today. Time is, as I said, flying by, but also managing to d r a g at the same time..

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